Vet Violations And Horse Doctors

Horse riding and racing is one of the unique sports in Europe. The traditional European horse riding is famous for its discipline and elegance; however, it is changing because of exposure to the western culture. And this we can prominently see during races and competition. One more thing we are witnessing these days is the increasing number of sore horses and deaths. Have you ever thought why would the number suddenly increase so high? The answer is clear as crystal, horse vets are violating rules for big purses.

Horse riding LRecently, it’s been seen that horse veterinarians are using more sedatives and painkillers than ever before. A news report floating around earlier this year about a particular horse who suffered a fatal breakdown after a race after it receiving 13 injections of sedatives and pain earlier that day. Such news reports are getting more and more common with each passing day. We trust the horse doctors blindly with our horses' health, and this is when they start using some illegal practices to treat them and give instant relief. But these practices are becoming unethical for obvious reasons, and they end up causing more severe problems in the future. Owners usually end up seeing this truth when the damaged is already done. But it is high time that people should know about such practices before any more fatal incidences can occur.

Like a sigh of relief, some of the owners are now getting aware of such ill practices. Horse doctors (aka horse veterinarians) who are breaking rules are getting caught more often these days. This is only possible because owners are starting to see the scams and lies these practitioners are using for their own profits. It hurts to see that these health doctors do not stand by their oath of protecting animal health and welfare. They should ideally be the one to put the health of horses first. Yet it is seen that when it comes to performing duties, these veterinarians live by an altogether different code. The code of emphasizing drugs to keep the horses racing and winning rather than actually treating their injury or soreness.

The problem of veterinary violations is growing with much pace and rage. And all this to just earn some quick money. So if you ask what can you do in a similar situation, then we would say to be aware of scams and lies these medical practitioners are using on us. Keep note of what medicines or drugs are used on your horse. Check the drug online and see if the drug is legal and safe for use. As you encounter each situations in a similar way, you will find it can often be done by yourself by being the one who is researching everything first. Also- check the medical credentials of the horse veterinarian, and his case history too. I am sure you want the best health for your horse, and so do I because I am a big horse-riding enthusiast, and I don't want to see it die this way.