Live to ride with all our pride

shared passion for horses OHere are four individuals who are horse geeks. We love horses and because of our shared passion for horses and horse sport, we started a website dedicated to horses. We hope to bring together people who share the same passion from all over the world.

"Nova" aka Constance Weaver

I am the website writer. I like horseback riding and I love horses. I am completely devoted to horses. They are special creatures who love unconditionally. I believe they are the most intelligent animals on the planet. I am also very hard working. When I set my mind on a task, I always make sure to complete it I hope to become a champion and successful competitive horseback rider. I use the online name Nova. Nova is also my favorite horse's name. She is my best friend. I love the quote, "In riding a horse, we borrow freedom".

"Morgan Mustang" aka Rick Orchard

I am the website editor. Horses are my definition of beauty, spirituality, grace, and freedom. I am nothing without horses, they are my livelihood, my friend, and my family. I have a strong connection with horses. I believe horses are reincarnations of the best of human spirits. And I hope to be reincarnated into a horse in my next life. I use the online name Morgan Mustang, derived from my favorite horse breeds, Morgans and Mustangs. I love the saying, "A horse already knows who he is Do you know who you are?"

"Zebra" aka Kerry Taylor

I am a contributing writer for the website. I am a lover. I am strong. I am wise. I am beautiful. I am fearless. People say I am hard headed and stubborn, and I am. I am not afraid to speak my mind. But often people confuse confidence with arrogance. Yes, I am confident but I am not always right and I take responsibility when I am wrong. Being an animal rights activist is my calling. Humanity can be cruel, especially to animals. And I believe it is my responsibility to advocate for the proper treatment of animals. I use the online name Zebra, I just love Zebras. If I had a choice I would probably have a skin like that of a Zebra.

"The Veteran" aka Judith Pembrant

I am a guest writer for the website. If I had a choice, I would only travel by hors. Why you may ask? Because when I ride my horse, I see my hopes and dreams. I see my success. I see my happiness. I see my soul. There is no feeling on this earth compared to horseback riding. It is life in its self. They say dogs are man's best friend, but horses give life meaning. They teach us to be better human beings and bring out the best in humanity.

Horses are our perfect companions. Our goal is to share informative, educative, and entertaining information about horses. We encourage people to ride more, and worry less. And we hope to inspire people to live and enjoy the horseback riding lifestyle. Sorry if we forgot to include your ideas too- if we missed something please write us here:


HQHA: Quarter News Team

119 Pine Street

Seattle, WA

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